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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Domestic Carpet Cleaning is the only certain way to keep all of your carpets throughout the house in their best condition and keep them looking their best. No matter how much you may think a regular vacuum cleans, there is dirt dust and debris that lives deep within the carpet that no vacuum alone in the world can pick up. It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year for lasting and proper results.

Using our signature 4 step cleaning process ensuring we get the best results possible

  1. We start by deep vacuuming all your carpet to pick up almost 80% of the dry soil within the pile of the carpet.
  2. Next, we pre-treat the carpets with an alkaline spray, particularly focusing on high traffic, heavily soiled areas.
  3. After this, we agitate the pre-treatment spray deep into the pile with a counter rotating brush machine (CRB). This has the effect of driving the alkaline deep into the pile whilst brining up any residual dirt and grime.
  4. Lastly, we use our market leading hot water extraction machine at 110 degrees to rinse out the carpet with a mildly acidic rinse. The end result is a fresh, clean carpet with a neutral PH of 5 (the same as human skin) which is the perfect PH for both you and your carpet.